Grand Teton Engagement || Steph & Clutch

I actually had the pleasure of introducing these two and to this day it’s one of my proudest accomplishments. Two of the kindest and most creative people. Steph & Clutch are both artists. Steph an incredible portrait and editorial photographer, Clutch a studio artist and painter. They connected over their love for art and Paris. They’ve renovated a studio in downtown Salt Lake that they share called Studio Noire Noir. Noire Noir are the masculine and feminine spelling of Black in French, bringing their love for the Parisian culture and favorite color together.

Just North of Jackson hole you enter the Grand Teton National Park. It’s a wide open space tucked nicely under the jagged Tetons. They’re magnificent and the sun setting behind them is a sight to be seen. As the sun dips below the peak of the grand Teton the tips start to turn a pastel purple, the base blue. The gradient of the landscape is breathtaking. Steph & Clutch are very passionate about each other. Each of them artists themselves they know how to create art with their bodies. Steph stands 6 feet tall and Clutch 6’4”. Their bodies create lines that make artful composition so natural. The combination of dynamic human and a dynamic mountain range was the perfect fit. Take a look.

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